Is it my way… or your way? An introduction to my crazy Wiccan philosophical Buddhist life.

Several areas of my blog and social media sites refer to “Life & Spirituality… your way” while other areas refer to “Life & Spirituality… my way”.  So which is it?  It’s both!  I am living my life my way and you should live your life your way.  It’s simple.  I switch it up because that’s how I feel.  I am doing my thing and sharing it with you but I am also trying to get the message across that you should be living life your way.  The bottom line is that as long as we are being good to one another and not doing harm to anyone, then we should all be free to live life the way we choose.

My spiritual life is often confusing to those who have become friends of mine.  I was born and raised Catholic and I treasure that part of my spiritual life but I have grown and evolved and not all of it jives for me anymore.  In early high school I explored Wicca… much to the horror of my mother.  During my senior year of high school I discovered Nietzsche, Krishna and Guru Dev.  I started meditating in the tanning bed (yes you read that right… tanning bed, ugh) when I was 18.  I discovered my Infinite Self and became entranced by Stuart Wilde in the 90’s and discovered the Tao in the early 2000’s.  I have even received a Qur’an as a gift and sat on the edge of my chair totally captivated by a local religious leader share his Muslim beliefs. What I have figured out about myself is that I just can’t get enough spiritual and religious knowledge.  I have always been searching, I have always been on a quest.

Five years ago I picked up a book on Buddhism and found myself drawn to the words on the pages like I have never been drawn to anything before.  Prior to that I knew who Buddha was, yet at the same time I had no absolutely idea who he was.  I have attended numerous lectures and classes and own more books on the subject than most libraries.  My home slowly transformed into my own personal temple.  I don’t push the teachings on anyone in my life, but when they ask I am honored to share what I know.  The highest compliment I receive regularly from visitors in my home is how at peace they feel here.  Except for my good friend “M” who is a little intimidated by the spirit that inhabits the hallway and bedrooms.   Clearly my home is a refuge for that spirit too and we embrace everything around here… more on that subject in a future post.

My life is unconventional as are my spiritual beliefs, and I am the happiest I have ever been.  Living my life my way and exploring my spirituality my way has brought out the real me… The Real T-Met.  I don’t think anyone fully “gets” me but I know that my friends and family love me an accept me for who I am.  It is my wish for you to experience the same love and acceptance… your way.



It’s about time to turn this into a real blog!

So… when I was “Hay Girl” I had an awesome blog going… then GoDaddy made some changes and I failed to backup and move my content.  I do that often…procrastinate and suffer for it.  So… I didn’t do what I needed to do and I lost everything.  Since then I have had this new page up… which as you are aware… I have done nothing with.  Well friends here I am… getting back into the swing of things and getting back to sharing my opinions on everything.

The first thing I do want to share with you is actually a quick disclaimer.  This is a blog, not a college essay, so if my writing isn’t perfect… get over it.  The truth is, I can’t even type and I often write things like “about tits” in work emails because of my dependence on spell check, crazy fingers and lack of proofreading.

Take it for what it is… a blog… my way.      🙂

Happy Labor Day!